A total of 60 guests (including 18 students) recently attended the Chicago Admission Open House event. Many Saint Mary’s students, staff, faculty, alumni, and parents were there to help. Thank you to all who helped make the event happen!

Faculty/staff/alumni included Joy Rockwell, Adam Stasica, Nikki Fennern, Sam Borawski, Megan Bisson, Mike Ostman, Peggy Johnson, Karen Hemker, Jeanne Minnerath, Andrew Scott, Dean Beckman, Jan Dimmitt-Olson, Crystal Carlson, Valerie Edwards Robeson, Lindsey Darling, Stephen Batcher, Brenda Jones, and Andrea Moore.

Parent help included Theresa and Jeff Jacobsen, and Beth and Scott Hippman, with student assistance from Paula Avila, Allie Borawski, Aldontae Guess, Kalleigh May, and Catie Stoltman.

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