Earlier this fall, a group of 12 students attended ‘Fun is Good!,’ a day-long seminar at the St. Paul Saints’ baseball field. This event followed the university convocation presentation by Mike Veeck and Fran Zeuli, co-founders of Fun is Good, a consulting company that brings marketing and leadership lessons to organizations of all sizes. The students had an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime experience. Several made valuable connections for their careers and internships, including meeting Joan Steffend, who received the Minnesota Broadcasting Hall of Fame Award for her work (almost 30 years in the Twin Cities media, first as a national Emmy-winning newswriter, reporter, and anchor at KARE-TV and then on HGTV’s Decorating Cents).

This event was sponsored by the Saint Teresa’s and Saint Peter’s Leadership Clubs. Participants included officers and club members.

The seminar was a day-long set of workshops that covered workplace generational diversity; joy and passion in the workplace and career; creativity and gratitude; learning from failure; goal-setting (from Ila Borders, a former left-handed pitcher in college and independent professional baseball player!); and team/project management. Saint Mary’s students were the only undergraduate school students in attendance; most attendees were business entrepreneurs, business workers, or graduate students.

Attendees included: Mari Morales-Lozano (president of Saint Teresa’s Leadership Club), Jake Mencacci (president of Saint Peter’s Leadership Club), Joseph Seegers, Bailey Melz, Heidi Lederman, David French, Jake Hagstrom, Claire Patterson, Hallie Schlemming, Gigi Gonzalez, Darren Caiipo, and Dr. Lori Charon (adviser).

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