In 2016-17 Stephanie Schmidt, Regina Bettag, Alex Nuy, and Katie Homan served as officers for our Saint Mary’s University student chapter of ASCD.

During their time as officers they submitted a proposal to present at the international ASCD conference in Boston in March of 2018. Their project, titled “Bridging the Gap: Building Connections Between Novice and Veteran Teacher Leaders,” was accepted and they will be presenting their research to teacher leaders from around the world.

Here’s a description of their project:

In an age of globalized communication and lack of face-to-face interaction, how do different generations of teacher leaders effectively communicate and understand one another in service of the long-term best interests of the whole child? Our ASCD student chapter leadership team looks into the effects of the generation communication gap among teachers, its effects on learning communities, and how to bridge this gap to enhance school culture. Through insights of reflective journaling while student teaching, a review of the research literature, and engaging with practicing teachers a model was developed to promote professional communication. The model includes strategies, methods, and leadership practices for cultivating healthy communication to effectively bridge the generation gap and transform school culture. The model and accompanying resources will be provided for participants.

ASCD is dedicated to “excellence in learning, teaching, and leading so that every child is healthy, safe, engaged, supported and challenged.” Dr. Scott Sorvaag has served as faculty adviser for our chapter since 2004.

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