By James Chege, Head Librarian MIAS

MIASMU New Academic Year Kicks Off

Sept. 11 marked the opening day of the first semester program for the academic year at the Maryknoll Institute of African Studies. The new students were put through a thorough orientation program to ensure that they understood the MIASMU educational method which encompasses classroom lectures and field research aided by a trained field assistant. The student body this semester includes students from North America, Philippines, Korea, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, D.R. Congo, Ethiopia, Burkina Faso, Uganda, Zimbabwe, and Kenya – a total of 30 graduate students.


A section of the new students during the orientation

The students are taking courses in African Spirituality taught by Laurenti Magesa; African Culture: an overview taught by Edward Oyugi; Introduction to Islam in East Africa taught by Hassan Nandwa; African Marriage and Family: Challenge and Change taught by Dr. Michael Katola; African Traditional Religion Major Beliefs and Practices taught by Douglas Waruta; and Sage philosophy: the Root of African Philosopy taught by Dr. Oriare Nyarwath. The semester program runs until Dec. 4, 2015.

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